Château Quintus


Château Quintus, located on a promontory in Saint-Émilion, was acquired by Domaine Clarence Dillon in 2011. The name “Quintus” refers to the Gallo-Roman tradition of naming the fifth child in the family as such. This estate is distinguished by its varied microclimates and its exceptional limestone terroir, favoring the cultivation of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The vision of Robert de Luxembourg, president of the estate, is to create one of the greatest wines of Saint-Émilion, by combining tradition and innovation.

The 2011 vintage, characterized by a varied climate, allowed for slow and even ripening of the grapes. When tasting, Château Quintus 2011 presents a beautiful aromatic complexity with notes of ripe red fruits, plums and a spicy touch. On the palate, the wine stands out for its elegant structure and silky tannins, offering remarkable length.


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