A word from Paul Lawton

Favorite lands

“Europe, Asia, America, ... countries with such different cultures with a common passion for exceptional wines. »

Grands Crus merchant, Pierre Lawton works in a privileged manner with Europe, of course, but also with enthusiasts from Asia, America and Russia.

So many territories that he knows perfectly, the result of his numerous trips for pleasure and business.

Rare and precious wines

“Alias is the reference for lovers of Bordeaux Grands Crus. Pierre Lawton gives them direct access to the most prestigious cellars. »

Alias expresses its expertise in the best Bordeaux wines.
We are here in excellence and rarity.

Few professionals can boast such a relationship with owners.

The tasting area

“The tasting is a moment of communion and exchange around a work. »

Pierre Lawton's tasting space is designed as an intimate place conducive to discovery and pleasure.

Here, the wine enthusiast prepares for an exceptional encounter with some of the rarest wines in the world.

Careful logistics

“Our Grands Crus deserve the greatest attention because storage or delivery must never harm the original quality of the wine. »

Moving a Grand Cru requires very special treatment which demands vigilance, meticulousness and great attention.

An entire team is dedicated to these flows, from the castle to the storage space, from loading to final delivery.

Each crate is monitored in real time, each handling is carried out delicately so that excellence is always there.

Years of trading, moments, smiles and publications

A pioneer in the business of Grands Crus trading, Pierre Lawton is regularly followed by the media. Find here some publications which over time have highlighted its commitment and its values.

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